Mirrors Edge Catalyst-CPY

Posted 02 Oct 2016 in PC Games

Mirrors Edge Catalyst-CPY


Run, leap and fight your way to freedom in the city of Glass. Get ready to hit the ground running in this fast-paced, free-running adventure with stunning visuals.


Run, leap and fight your way to freedom in the city of Glass. Get ready to hit the ground running in this fast-paced, free-running adventure with stunning visuals. Experience Faith’s incredible freedom of movement as she darts up walls, zips down wires and makes death-defying leaps from rooftop to rooftop. Combine her punishing martial arts skills with a mastery of the surroundings to take out any enemies she can’t outrun.

Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: 7 June 2016
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: DICE

Release Name : Mirrors Edge Catalyst-CPY
Size : 23.21 GB


Mirrors Edge Catalyst Crack Only-CPY


Missing NvCameraSDK64.dll










4GB parts Links are interchangable.































OS: Windows® 7 64-Bit (use the latest Service Pack)
CPU: Intel i3-3250 / AMD FX-6350. (Note: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst requires at least 4 logical cores to run.)
HARD DRIVE: At least 25 GB of free space
VIDEO: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 650 Ti 2GB or better / AMD Radeon™ R9 270x or better
INPUT: Keyboard and mouse, dual analog controller

OS: Windows® 10 64-Bit (use the latest Service Pack)
CPU: Intel Core i7-3770 at 3.4 GHz / AMD FX-8350 at 4.0 GHz
RAM: 16 GB
HARD DRIVE: At least 25 GB of free space
VIDEO: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 970 4GB or better / AMD Radeon™ R9 280x 3GB or better
INPUT: Keyboard and mouse, dual analog controller

Mirrors Edge Catalyst

Mirrors Edge Catalyst

Mirrors Edge Catalyst-CPY
-Burn or mount the image
-Install the game
-Copy the crack

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    skidrow do not forget the release of cracking plant vs zombies garden warfare 2..please :)


    Thankyou so much CPY :)

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  • erick

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    hey can someone tell me where is the savegame please ?

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  • azez_kr

    NvCameraSDK64.dll is messing

    help plz

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    Where is the crack of FC Primal


    OMG! THANK YOU SO MUCH CPY! I LOVE YOU! Please crack far cry primal and mafia 3 too Thanks<3

  • The_Killer


    • Missing NvCameraSDK64.dll Added. check if it works.

  • محسن

    when i Launch Game show NvCameraSDK64.dll Error

  • Rubieli

    NVCameraSDK Error =T

  • PoP

    How to instal the game ?

  • j4uj4f

    I got the unlocked version when i load the CPY crack only, copy in to game and i got the error missing file error like above problem that someone has been talking about it
    ” NVcameraSDK64.DLL ”

    Steam 4room
    1) go to \Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\ check if Ansel is there. (if not, let us know)
    2) If yes, go to \Ansel\Tools\ open NVCameraConfiguration.exe
    3) go to bottom to check NvCamera Status. If it’s disabled, click enable and save
    4) try again and see if that works.

    But I use AMD VGA
    What will I do ?
    I am very appreciated for your help

  • azez_kr

    the game don’t launch after coped the missing file NvCameraSDK64.dll

    i have this version :

  • j4uj4f

    Hello Azez_Kr

    hope that you are right, but I have been looking for NVcameraSDK64.DLL on internet but did not see
    DLL-file.com dont have it too
    wish that you can upload that file and help me and the others


  • azez_kr


    you can download that fine from links above .

  • azez_kr

    maybe we need last update for old versions.

  • محسن

    i download NvCameraSDK64.dll and copy on my game folder when i double click on MirrorsEdgeCatalyst.exe إBut Nothing happened

  • azez_kr

    skidrow can you upload the game opened files not ISO in torrent ,
    i think that all update files in Patch folder .

    so … we need just download Patch folder only

  • azez_kr

    can any one upload the game opened files not ISO in torrent ,
    i think that all update files in Patch folder .

    so … we need just download Patch folder only

  • Tiho

    Working, tnx!

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  • The_Killer

    dont work NvCameraSDK64

  • lone.wolf

    Hey guys..I just have one question..I did download MEC from the old link on Skidrow..you know..the unlocked one without crack..I just wanna ask about the difference between that one and this one..and why is it about 19gb and this one is 23 gb?

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  • Soni

    ALL HAIL CPY!!!!

  • fgdgdf

    missing update 2

  • takedownguy

    got the same problem, downloaded the missing dll and now nothing happens :l feelsbadman

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    Nice Work! Thank You!

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    Nice work . far cry primal maybe or warhammer ???

  • lone wolf

    Hey guys..I downloaded the game from the old full-unlucked version from skidrow..and just downloaded the crack today..copy and past it..but nothing happend when trying to start the game..just nothing..any help please???

  • Tsuda

    Ugh, why this game got cracked first
    Just cause 3 is better than this game, i mean just cause 3 is more fun…. kaboom kaboom

  • hmm

    Doesnt have controller support? Even though the menus clearly show controller. Using Xbone S controller, wont work over blutooth

  • idbt

    true, NvCameraSDK64 dont work, after copy it (i am amd user) nothing happens, so dont work for amd i think, guess i have to download again or some update will be adding?

  • CPY

    ur welcome guys..ill do my best for gamers community that cant buying legit games especially the poor countrys..:)

  • idbt

    Sooooooo, any1 can play it? i mean anybody thats had full unlock version, or still the nvcamera error or nothing happens things? let us knoooowww

  • j4uj4f

    Good Game and run smoothly
    still waiting for homefront the revolution


  • idbt

    how u made it run j4uj4f? can let me know? after i copy this dll nothing happens, i have the full unlock version just cracked, got the error, put the dll and nothing happens

  • j4uj4f

    Hi Idbt

    After I put the DLL file in to the unlocked folder and run it nothing happen, then i decided to download CPY version and install it. It run good now
    I think unlocked version has still not been updated yet ( size is different between 19.2 and 23.21)

  • idbt

    time to download it again so, thx for the info


    cracked yesssssssssssssssss

  • shery

    cpy please crack fc primal and need for speed

  • farozan

    Same problem here. I copied the dll and after double clicking, nothing happens. I have the 3dm Version. Do I have to download this version to make it work??

  • Azathoth

    damn,too dozen games like just cause 3 and forza horizon 3 haven’t crack! why this one?!

  • Faizan

    I have downloaded crack from here and some other sites as well with idm. All of these rar file give me corrupt file error for mirroredgecatalyst.exe during extraction. Can someone please help me to idenftfy and solve the problem?

  • shery

    guys wait for fitgirl repack it works perfectly

  • munirshah77

    Same problem here. I copied the dll and after double clicking, nothing happens. I have the 3dm Version. Do I have to download this version to make it work??

  • SPidey

    Could you provide the NvCameraSDK.dll since not only the NvCameraSDK64.dll was missing ,the NvCameraSDK.dll is also missing ,provide a link as soon as possible

  • SPidey

    Could you provide the NvCameraSDK.dll since it is also missing ,provide a link as soon as possible

  • SPidey

    The NvCameraSDK.dll is also missing

  • SPidey

    Provide update only files for mirror edge catalyst

  • Firehawkeye

    i think there better games than this….like Far Cry Primal, Deus Ex: Mankind

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    FIFA 17-CPY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The_Killer

    I downloaded the cpy version of 23.2 GB and it installs NvCameraSDK64.dll file and it worked 100%.

  • original

    I have installed this twice (applying the crack of course) but have the same problem each time: the game checks for an Origin account / connection and pops up a window saying that’s required. The only option is “Exit”.

    Doesn’t anyone else have this problem? Is there something simple I’m missing? Did you get past this somehow?

  • PC

    Oh my… Only 4 weeks after I bought it for 15 euros. Still glad I did tho, have fun y’all !

  • milad

    guys. I got a weird problem
    I just cantttt really cant fin advanced video settings to change quality to ultra
    where is the advanced video settings ?
    I just can see resolution settings
    help please thx

  • adioz

    Thanks CPY

    but this is a fucken gay ass crap !

  • Stojan

    I just wanted to say that it works,dont doubt it

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    The crack works perfectly, thanks a lot!

  • lemonde

    I open the game but nothing happens

  • Gustable

    that game SUX! don’t deserve to be cracked

  • Leandro

    Whats the problem of textures in this game? Even on Hyper, they look like in Low…

  • TimXgr91

    The game doesn’t start =/ I installed the game, I placed the cracked files but when I double click the exe of the game, nothing happens

  • TimXgr91

    ok! I found a solution! I just replaced the game files in the iso with the cracked and I mounted the iso. It runs great.

  • SEED


  • Vador

    Added the missing DLL file but when you double click or run as admin it doesn’t even run at all. Any fix ?

  • miatge

    i copied the crack and updates and installed origin but when i click on on game icon nothing happens. :(( help me please

  • Unknown

    I installed the game properly and applied the crack but when i try to start the game literally nothing happens. Tried to run as Admin, change compatibility, everything i could think of but nothing. Does anyone have solution for this?

  • Omer

    Please change the time zone to GMT +8 before starting the game!!

  • ansr bala

    MIRRORS EDGE CATALYST-CPY adresse de facturation

  • Vador

    I had downloaded the 3DM version months ago which this crack does not load the game at all. Ended up redownloading this one and yes it does work. Even when I put graphics to max settings and restart the game textures look really crap ?

  • oNU

    Yaa!! thanks works perfect!

  • miatge

    when i click on game icon nothing happens. what should i do? :((((

  • Walisson

    Guys help me here, after installing and using crack open the game put the game stops responding on the screen to select brightness of just any idea what can be?

  • Rafa

    How? thanks

  • sherlockf

    GREAT! it worked. just install, crack and play.. without warning or anything :) love this game

  • zequalizer

    Thanks thanks so so much CPY ur a r god !

  • ijaun

    [For anyone who has problems with running exe and nothing happen]
    I found that the problem is about folder name. If your folder name have special word, in this case it’s ” ‘ ” (Mirror’s), you can’t run the game. So solution is chance the name from “Mirror’s” to “Mirrors” and problem is solved.
    Hope it can help you. Enjoy!

  • DLP

    I got 0xc00007b error.
    I tried everything to fix that, please , can someone give a help? =(

  • Aphro

    At the very end of the install (260 of 260, 100%) I get an Installation error that says “Installation failed: Failed to run touchup utility: Process failed to start: The requested operation requires elevation.” What does this mean and how can I fix it? Cheers

  • Sam

    CPY demands absolute respect!!! Cant imagine what it would be like without you guys!

  • Sam

    Can confirm this works…no virus or shit! Bloody beautiful! I will take a bullet for you and I really mean it!

  • Someone

    I copied NvCameraSDK64.dll and start but nothing happened, and then i tried to debug with visual studio it says “Pamplona.Main_Win64_retail_prot.pdb” not loaded. Any idea ???

  • fgdfg


  • dr.Leoric

    Its Lagging so much. Only me?

  • CParejo

    Is there a way to play it with Origin Online or just, offline?

  • Delio

    CPY is not a good cracker as long he didn’t cracked just cause 3

  • cp

    hi cpy please release crack just cause 3 plesae fastly

  • Badr

    Just tried it, working 5/5 THANKS A LOT <3

  • clayderman

    Mega link fallen, plis reupload

  • Al

    I have a different problem. I’m not sure which version I downloaded, but the size was 23.2 GB, so I’m pretty sure it’s the new version compatible with the crack.

    After copying the crack, I ran the .exe file, but it sent me an error report. I launched the other .exe file which was basically Origin verification (that obviously won’t work). Did I do something wrong in my installation? I did alter the directory location and change the name of the folder in the installation. Wonder if that has anything to do with it.

    Please send me a reply asap. I’ve been looking forward to this game for a long time.

  • Al

    EDIT: Ran a default installation without changing file location. Still the same result. I downloaded the .iso from the torrent if that information’s of any use.

  • trololo

    Didn`t work. When i run game it is a communicate “Failde to communicate with the Origin client.Please reinstal client and try again”. Did anyone can help me with that ?

  • anti psicopata


  • Al

    Never mind, I fixed it. Turns out my Windows Service Pack wasn’t installed. I ran an automatic Windows update from the control panel that allowed me to properly install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015. From there on, the game worked like charm.

    Again, thank you CPY for your efforts on cracking this game. Denuvo was built so that the games are more difficult to crack, as a result giving room for significant increase in the company’s profit margins. It’s a stable system that satisfies all three classes of people – the devs, the customers buying legal copies of the game and enjoying it before others, and the pirates getting it after a well justified delay. I’m completely not against it, and I do feel shame in not buying the game instead. But not all of us can afford everything in this world.

  • Icy

    Thanks CONSPIRACY!
    Works great. No issues! Started the first time no problem!!!

  • Bobby

    Im getting an error right at the end about touchup…. wtf

  • v2


  • Kit

    FUCKING SHIT, This is Mirror’s edge 1! WTF!? I downloaded it and installed it. Why would you do that?

  • Player07

    it worked for me fine . follow the install guide .

  • PhEOnIXX


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    ; ██ █████████ █ ███
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    ; ██ ███ ██ ██ ██ ████▀ ██
    ; ███ ███ ██ █████ ██████ ██████ ███████ █ ████ ████ ██████ ███ ███
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    ; ████ ██ ██ ███ █░░ █ ░░░░░░░ ███ ░ ░░░ ░░░░ ░░ ██ ░░░░ ██
    ; ███ ██ ██ ░░░ ░░ ░░░░ ██ ░░░ ░░ ░░ █ ░░ ░ ██
    ; █████ ██ ▀ ░░ ░ █ ░░ █ ░░ ░░ ░ ░ ░ █
    ; ████ ██ █ ░░ ░ ░ ░░░ ░ ░░ █ ░
    ; ██████ ██ ███ ░ ░ ░ █ ░ ░ ░ ░ █
    ; ████████████ ░ ░ ░ ░
    ; ███████████
    ; ░░░░░░░░░░░
    ; ░░░░ ▓░ ▓
    ; ░░ ▓
    ; ░
    ;Always remember to put quotes (“”) around all values in this file!!

    ;Uncomment the following line to set a custom game title to display (otherwise the tool will attempt to extract the game title from installerdata.xml)
    ;GameTitle=”Title to display”


    ;Available languages are normally read from installerdata.xml. Uncomment the following line to override. Format: “LanguageName:langcode_COUNTRYCODE”

    ;Comment out the following entries if the installer should not try to process DLCs

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    ALL DOWNLOAD LINKS ARE BROKEN!!!!..pls give new torrents!!!!!

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    thanks CPY !!

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    can anyone plz tell me which link is best for download……….thanks

  • telechargerjeuxpirater.com

    thank you

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    Gracias corre sin problema

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    o jogo tá rodando com crack ???

  • Lucia

    after i mount, Everytime i install the game i always get an error at 73% “installation failed” due to some “setup game confingurations/anchorinstallationpackage/cas_01.cas] to destination directory
    please help :(

  • I got skills

    All links are down.. Thank you CPY

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    Please fix the torrent link

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