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Welcome to the World of Assassination. You are Agent 47, the world’s ultimate assassin.


As Agent 47, you perform contract hits on high-profile targets in exotic locations around the world. Future locations – in April, Sapienza Italy, track down a scientist residing in the sunny coastal town. In May, the hustle and bustle of Marrakesh, Morocco. And as the story expands you will travel to Thailand and the USA before concluding in Japan later in 2016.


NOTE : For those who have problem with installation of this game: Use Inno Unpacker, installer had problem with one or more files.
Example: Place innounp.exe on the desktop/drive, open CMD, cd to Desktop/drive then “innounp.exe -x G:/setup.exe” or whatever drive your Virtual DVD is.

***Game will be installed in a folder where’s innounp.exe***

NOTE – Game is updated to version 1.9.0 and includes all DLCs.

Title: HITMAN™
Genre: Action
Developer: Io-Interactive
Publisher: Square Enix

Release Date: 11 Mar, 2016

Release Name : Hitman-CPY
Size : 63.4 GB





4GB Parts links are interchangable.


































  • OS: OS 64-bit Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel CPU Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz / AMD CPU Phenom II X4 940
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7870
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 50 GB available space


  • OS: OS 64-bit Windows 7 / 64-bit Windows 8 (8.1) or Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel CPU Core i7 3770 3,4 GHz / AMD CPU AMD FX-8350 4 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 770 / AMD GPU Radeon R9 290
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 50 GB available space



- Burn or mount the image                                              
- Install the game                                                      
- Copy the crack                                                        
- Enjoy

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    1. Extract
    2. Wait For Crack
    3. Play!

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    however it may turned out..i just want to say early..thanks skidrow…thanks cpy.. you help a lot of broke people over here. im sure we broke ass people are not in the target sales anyway..so thanks.

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    OK…. Im excited now the NFO just changed…….

    – Burn or mount the image
    – Install the game
    – Copy the crack
    – Enjoy

  • but the current steam version is update 1.10.0

    but the current steam version is update 1.10.0 So its not updated till the latest version :(

  • Jelly76

    wow ….. legit…. according to crackwatch…. its been cracked! after 111 days! lol

  • Jelly76

    Gonna complain about 1 update? ;)

  • WildFire

    The nfo says 89*500 mb that would make 44 gb
    but iso is 63 gb!!???
    WTF Man!!

  • but the current steam version is update 1.10.0

    @Jelly76 yes because those who have the steam copy of the game and want to play the cracked version will have to download the whole 63 ggb of files despite having the files.

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    can we complete challenges?

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    crack only is available for this version elsewhere… i commented above with link but its being checked by mod.

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    r 4 d m (dot) c o m (slash) 4 y P 7 D Z K

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    Installation failed because of a “?” in the file name of the first file installed…

    So Sad!

  • Robert

    Thanks CPY
    Games Crack

    Dishonored 2
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    krusty is right, it cannot be installed because one file has a wrong name. You should verify the installation before posting.

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    Thanks please crack sims 4 vampire or nier automata

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    This game is ready for play in offline??? plz reply me

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    thanks, but it cannot be installed due to a file wrong name !

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    stupid post file error

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    Game can be played offline but not with full features

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  • Jelly76

    You can all thank me later…..

    INFO: the Game is updated to version 1.9.0 and includes all DLCs
    NOTE: if you got an error when you run the installer
    1.extract the iso with winrar
    2.download this tool here —–

    sourceforge (dot) net (slash) projects (slash) innounp (slash) ?source=typ_redirect

    3.extract the innounp.exe to your desktop
    4.run CMD as adminstrator
    5. depending of the game setup path. type this innounp.exe -x PATH/setup.exe
    e.g if you extracted the iso to D:
    innounp.exe -x D:/setup.exe
    OR wait for CPY installer fix

  • waeel

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  • Jelly76

    One Guy

    15 March 2017 at 12:03

    the error is caused because an questionmark in the foldername of the soundtrack:)

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    OMG! CPY you are fantastic! I’m dying from excitement! TNX A LOT!

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    Hey Robert ! You are not aware that these 3 games * Star Wars Battlefront ,Need for Speed ,Titanfall 2* are played online mouahaha ! You can always wait for them to be cracked ! Lol

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    Please Crack Dishonored 2

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    Please Fix it…the files can’t be download in Google Drive.

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    it seem file instalation corupted!!!

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    Crack not working on 1.8.0 it’s work on 1.9.0 because the last update can play unlocked maps offline

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    very Thanks CPY very Thanks skidrow

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    It say that the instalation files are corrupted. WTF? xD

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  • Jelly76

    jeez…. either wait for the instal fix or fix it yourself….

    follow this…….


    Full install, working, all good.
    Just need to do this to manual install instead of auto etc

  • randomenvi

    how the fuck ? this game is always online … wow good job cpy

  • Jelly76

    ironically its just a typo’d (?) in a file in digital bonus content that throws the error straight away when starting the install


  • gamer

    the links are 43 giga while torrent 63 any defferencee

  • Jelly76

    I can only confirm that the 1FICHIER links are 41.3gb but extract to 63.4gb ISO

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    so it is the same version with torrent?

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    how to install , getting error , downloaded from google drive

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    I have a error at install. ERROR 123. the filename.the directory name .or volum label sintax is incorrect

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    I’m assuming that you can’t get do the challenges as they are online only?

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    How to instal this game?Can anyone tell me step by step?

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    @Jelly76 thanks, that worked great

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    not running

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    awesome cpy, skidrow keep it up!

  • Jelly76

    For people who dont read the above ;) lol

    Step by step instructions with video


    Full install, working, all good.
    Just need to do this to manual install instead of auto etc

  • dragonball

    min config
    core i3 6100
    8GB ddr4
    GTX 1060 6GB

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    Your)screencast link –> This content is currently unavailable. Please contact the content owner for more information.

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    Well a simple ? set the WHOLE SETUP ABLAZE!!!! lol Just wait for a crack fix or unfortunately a repack and it’ll work for sure, thanks CPY.

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    I have fifa 17 on origin account, it’s uncrackable, dont waste ur time requesting fifa 17 to be cracked, please…just don’t.
    And also, it was at 19$ price on Origin, you should buy the game or you can wait 3-4 years to be cracked lol.

  • Jelly76

    All you need is the unpacker at top of this page….

    1.extract the iso with winrar to a folder you want to install Hitman to.
    2.download this tool here *top of this page*
    3.extract the innounp.exe to your desktop (or your chosen Hitman install folder)
    4.run CMD as adminstrator
    5. depending on the game setup path. type this innounp.exe -x PATH/setup.exe

    *replace PATH with the location of your chosen instal folder*

    e.g if you extracted the iso to D:

    you would type innounp.exe -x D:/setup.exe

    e.g if you extracted the iso to D: \My Games\My Hitman Folder

    you would type innounp.exe -x D:\My Games\My Hitman Folder/setup.exe

    This will manually install the game/run setup.exe from within the CMD window, it takes a while (30 mins or so) and then everything will be in a new {app} folder………

    This is now where Hitman is installed.
    Open {app} folder create a shortcut on desktop of Launcher.exe and you are good to go :)

    These are the instructions I followed and Ive been happily playing the game for hours now :)
    I found that video after, but unfortunatley its been taken down now.

    ***I wouldnt sit waiting for a fix because …. are they really gonna redo the whole release?
    They dont need to…. it still works perfectly!***

    And as for the issue (use of characters (?) not allowed in a folder name, which stops the installation straight away when launching)…….. I dont even think a fix can be made?
    All it will be is an install.bat that does exactly what is outlined above…….

    More than likely this wont be re-done, and Im also not sure if that means there will be no repack……..

  • Bob The Builder

    how about some Lego star wars the force awakens cpy! Ive never asked for a game to be released from you, but i think that would be a great one. thank you!

  • robbo

    innounp.exe’ is not recognized as an internal or external command


  • dragonball

    mega download mega !

  • dragonball


  • robbo

    What a hassle

    got it

    extracted the ISO into a folder where I wanted it installed and add the innounp.exe with it in the same foler

    opened cmd and dragged the innounp.exe from the installed folder to the cmd window then pasted this

    E:\Hitman\innounp.exe -x E:/Hitman\setup.exe

    Now extracting

  • adde

    please sniper elite 4!

  • 316

    Thanks Robbo, Well worked out :) Took me ages to try and follow other guides

  • Fuck Denvou and the devs

    damn… if i waited for 3 months i save $16

  • 316

    Where does this game save??? Where is {app}\_CommonRedist. Getting stressed

  • Jelly76


    {app}\_CommonRedist is simply the _CommonRedist on the Hitman ISO… {app} is the folder that the extract fix creates, but the contents of that folder are the same as on ISO.

    So if you are wanting to install the _CommonRedist files from {app}…. just install from ISO if that is easier.

    (PS: its only DirectX in there anyway)

  • robbo

    Ok now was the fun part, finding the extracted files :p


    change robbo to your username

  • Jelly76

    By default the extracted files should be where ever you had innounp.exe originally.

    Also people with the error saying innounp.exe is not recognised as a valid command or whatever………

    You could try putting it in system32 folder, it would be recognised then…….. but I WOULDNT DO IT UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

  • LoRd


  • robbo

    thanks Jelly, I think I dragged innounp.exe into cmd from the desktop, I had a copy there and in the install folder and dragged the wrong one in
    That might be the reason it extracted to the wrong place :P

  • sorry but a have a problem in isstalastoin ao of gmwmust install in on systrdem drime or every vere we can?

  • storm9

    Are elusive targets included ?

  • storm9

    Are elusive targets included ?

  • Jelly76


    You can install the game on any drive, does not have to be the system drive.

    I have c: d: & e: drives

    I installed on d: drive

  • robbo

    The easiest way I found with the help from Jelly :)

    My game install drive is E:\

    Game folder I named Hitman

    Extract ISO to Hitman

    Also copy innounp.exe into the same Hitman folder

    Start CMD and drag the innounp.exe onto the cmd window and then paste this

    E:\Hitman\innounp.exe -x E:/Hitman\setup.exe

    You only need to change your drive letter if you are installing to a different drive

    once extracted copy over the crack files and play from E:\Hitman\dx12Retail\HITMAN.exe

  • khaldxd

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    Gear of war 4 (CPY)
    Dishonred 2 (CPY)
    Fifa 17 (CPY)
    All those games already crecked by CPY just check website of (CPY)

  • Todd

    Finally, been working on it ALL day, and I just finally got it, I wasn’t using WinRAR on innounp046.rar, stupid mistake, but it was enough to fuck me up! Anyway, working great now. Thank-you very much Cpy & Skidrow/Reloaded..

  • Nyss

    please just do a fix –‘

  • Skyx

    alot of different game download… mega link always down..

  • Nyss

    it ain’t workin !!!!!!!!

  • milic



    i need latest update
    please upload latest update

  • Abdullah

    Those who receive error in

    Download the Inno Unpacker from above, Extract and Paste the files with the setup and run the Inno Unpacker the game will automatically start installing

    After Installation Copy the Crack and Run the Game as and Administrator. :)

    ENJOY !!!

  • Titanfall

    Great!!! ConsPiracY

  • installation is not working please fix it

  • helper


  • robbo

    copy both from crack folder and past into MAIN ROOT folder


    play from HITMAN.exe in DX12 RETAIL (FOLDER)

  • Cllaudio

    down by MEGA off..

  • Vixenius

    Unpacker working good. Thanks

  • CLue

    iam getting error himan.exe bad image either steam_api64.dll is not degined for windows or contains an error ?any solution am using windows 10

  • Benchmark

    Benchmark on GTX 1060 + i5 6400 + 8GB RAM



  • Bashkan

    Google drive and mega part 7 crashed repair pls

  • Hermann

    How do I locate my game right now, i extracted it with innounp.exe from my D Folder in where i had the game extracted.

    Well right now I can not find it anywhere….
    I am missing around 70 Gigs of data on my Systemdrive and this is what was the first command line –

    C:\WINDOWS\system32>D:\cpy-h47\innounp.exe -x D:/cpy-h47\setup.exe

    So it should propably be in System 32??
    But i still cant fin it….

  • 316

    I run the CMD thing, but then it takes around 15 minutes to extract (4970k) Not sure if this extracts fully? Regardless the installation is never in the specific folders. Cant find it at all. Any other solutions?

  • Jelly76


    It will be in a folder called {app}

    It will be where innounp.exe was when you extracted so in your case…… should be in D:/cpy-h47/{app}

    Check system32 too for folder named {app} contents will ONLY be hitman game related ie:

    5 folders (_CommonRedist, Digital Bonus Content, dx12Retail, Retail, Runtime.

    plus 2 files

    launcher.exe (red icon with 47 on it)

    If you cant find it do a full pc search for {app} or enginebenchmark.bat

    Hope this helps.

  • Jelly76

    In fact yes, just do a full pc search for the file EngineBenchmark.bat……..
    or even HITMAN.exe

    If all has worked as it should, it will find 2 copies. (of either file)

    1x Where you extracted the ISO (if you did it that way)

    & 1x Where your Hitman game installation now is.

  • k3kz3

    For all wthose.. they have problems wtith install…

    1. extract all files from image to an folder
    2. dl the file from:


    3. extract it to the same folder u have extracted the game files.
    run the .bat file.

    press 1 and ENTER

    setup will begin and make a folder in the same directory called “app”

    copy crack over it..

    Play the game

  • dragonball

    please repack

  • Jelly76


    HITMAN-CPY (re-packed by elamigos)

    It has been repacked without the install error……

  • One

    Can I get the crack? I forgot to crack the game after installing it, now it launches Steam… and I’ve deleted all the repack files.

  • 316

    @ Jelly 76

    Cheers, searching the FULL PC for Hitman.exe has worked a treat :)

  • dragonball

    opening daemon tools
    copy installer files D:\ hitman
    download Inno Unpacker
    copy Inno Unpacker D:\ hitman
    runs cmd administracion
    copy cmd innounp.exe -x D:\hitman\setup.exe
    copy crack {app}
    run game

  • Jelly76

    Crack only…..
    search google for….
    Crack Only Hitman.Crack.Only-CPY

    First result

  • dragonball


  • One


    I also installed the internet fix but I this error :

    “REVOLT.nfo was either deleted or not put in directory. Application will terminate now.”

  • روك جيجا بايت

    Straight Ahead …

  • emailx45

    dear friends

    ELAMIGOS have new repack just 22gb version 1.9 all dlc all languages same version skidrow dustribuition

    without error in installer inno

  • dragonball

    online crack fix not run game !!!

  • Jelly76

    @dragonball The proper online fix works absolutely fine!


    Some HITMAN online fix floating around is also nuked lol, IE no RVTLauncher.exe!!
    Which is NEEDED to run and connect to servers.

    Goto revolt group website, register and download the real file from there, and follow their instructions.

    HITMAN.Online.Fix.V2-REVOLT.rar 2.11mb

    I created a new Steam account, ran as admin and launch from the RVTLauncher.exe in retail/dx12retail folder.

    Dont have a RVTLauncher.exe???

    Well then you dont have the correct online fix/crack.


  • Jelly76

    Its pretty crazy that this release has gone from nuked…. to playable…… to PLAYABLE ONLINE!!!!

    Full content including Elusive etc


  • painholder

    please add Tales of Zestiria

  • blow91

    qualcuno potrebbe upparmi il file setup.exe? nel torrent scaricato pesa 0 kb

  • blow91

    can anyone uploading the file setup.exe? in the downloaded torrent weighs 0 kb

  • Edson

    instalação sem erros

  • PauloSilva

    can anyone fix the problem of changing texture quality?

  • Jelly76


    What problem?

  • blow91

    can anyone uploading the file setup.exe?

  • Jelly76


    Dont know if this will work for you… Setup.exe 1.81mb from the 22gb release.


  • Mateo

    after run as admin RVTLauncher.exe, show that is missing d3d11.dll

    can anyone help??

  • Aiogataraindeo

    Mateo: run it with the hitman.exe located on retail folder.

  • Mateo

    it run, is it work as cracked steam account or how?

  • Mateo

    one time run, after exit and run one more time, can’t connect.

    Any idea what to do?

  • Jelly76

    Run game & steam as admin.

  • Naynesh

    Revolt link is down

  • Naynesh

    online fix link is down

  • Jaz

    Game runs fine, tried RVT online fix – the game launches but fail to connect to server.

    @ Jelly76, followed your instructions bro but still can’t connect online. Created a new steam account, ran as admin, and ran RVTLauncher.exe as admin but still can’t play online.

    I guess its offline then. Thanks anyway CPY!

  • tommek2505

    For online Features support Square Enix and buy the Game!!!
    Be Happy that the offline mode is possible!!!!

  • Jaz

    Not sure what the issue was, I’m online now! RVT is working

  • Jim56

    @tommek2505 Square can kiss my ass, I’m ain’t buying shit.

    Online is working for me too. Pirate for life!!!

  • Jairus

    the online fix is not working its showing me the error “REVOLT.exe was either deleted or not put in directory” when its clearly there…. please help

  • PGS0704

    Fuckin online fix fucked up my game. thx a lot.

  • Shahin

    TO THOSE HAVE PROBLEM WITH online-fix file
    Copy the crack again from the mail files, paste it again in game folder and ur game will be allright again

  • Jim56

    That because you are using the online fix from the link above. Go to revolt group website and use the lastest version HITMAN.Online.Fix.V2-REVOLT

    Its working dude, you are just doing it wrong

  • Jelly76

    Just to be clear to you guys having online problems, you launch from the


    NOT the HITMAN.EXE or the original Launcher.exe!

    If you DO NOT have the RVTlaunchers in Retail or dx12Retail folders……. You either have the V1 fix which has now been patched or you are doing something wrong.

    I’ve been playing online with all content since yesterday with ZERO issues.

    If skidrow need a copy of the untouched RVT V2 fix for this page…. hit me up at email.

    It defo works100%

    • aff hash

      game launcher wont start . how to fix it . T_T

  • Elysium47

    Could someone please give me a link for downloading the correct version of “HITMAN.Online.Fix.V2-REVOLT” ?

  • Abouissa92

    RVT Fix V4 not working I purchase the original crack of CPY Now Anyone Had this ???

  • Jelly76

    We all just need to keep an eye on revolt groups page and update as and when required….. not so bad at all really :)

  • nick

    this dont work its give a error on the install and the say you have to to fix this you cant fix it.

  • Juninho

    em Partes não funciona a 9 nem a 10 arruma isso pfv

  • Juninho

    Em Prates não baixa galera não tem mas a 9 e nem a 10 arruma isso ai cara !

  • Jelly76


    Dude there is like…170+ comments before this one of yours…………

    You obviously didnt even read the INFO/DOWNLOAD section…………

    It works fine, but if you cant be assed to read what to do…. oh well ;)


  • bill

    What a hassle

    got it

    extracted the ISO into a folder where I wanted it installed and add the innounp.exe with it in the same foler

    opened cmd and dragged the innounp.exe from the installed folder to the cmd window then pasted this

    E:\Hitman\innounp.exe -x E:/Hitman\setup.exe

    Now extracting


    The only thing that really helped me…. Do as this says….

  • Jules

    Greetings to change the language to Czech Thanks for the answer

  • Jules

    Hi Is it possible to change language to Czech??

  • shit

    Who said it is online only and cannot be cracked?
    now suck my dick nigga

  • Vhesvek

    Hello, just wanna ask tht is the online fix will work with the nosteam version of the game?
    I downloaded my Hitman 2016 there

  • Gaurav singh

    can anyone help me to install it….i cant install it

  • agushit

    Better explained so that you install it: You put the innounp.exe in My Documents then you execute the cmd like administrator after you put Documents \ innounp.exe -x E: or any where this mounted the image of the game .. suppose that is in the unit E: the command is the following again I put it: Documents \ innounp.exe -x E: /setup.exe then we give enter and holy remedy I hope it has served the explanation to those who did not know or are complicated to install it

    In Spanish – En Español:

    Mejor explicado para que lo instales: Pones el innounp.exe en Mis Documentos luego ejecutas el cmd como administrador despues pones Documents\innounp.exe -x E: o cualquiera en donde este montada la imagen del juego.. supongamos que esta en la unidad E: el comando es el sigiente vuelvo a ponerlo: Documents\innounp.exe -x E:/setup.exe luego le damos a enter y santo remedio espero que les haya servido la explicacion a aquellos que no supieron o se les complico instalarlo

  • Hermann

    Hey jelly,

    well i tried many methods of finding the stupid files.
    But nothing of it works.
    I even was trying to find it in cmd with dir or attrib and everything, but nothing.
    The problem is it is really taking up 70 gigs on my ssd…
    And I really do not wanna roll back 3 days..
    Do you maybe have another idea ?

  • Hermann

    I FOUND IT !

    what a piece of puzzle it was.
    A small ccleaner helped me with a Disk Analyzer tool.
    Found that there have been some really big files – opened the location and there it was.

    Well the folder was – C:\Windows\syswow64\{app}

    So I really dont understand how it got there.
    And somehow this folder was not searchable for me.

    So it was all somehow broken.

    Now its done and thanks again for the help !

  • Jelly76

    @ Herman

    Just so you know….. it IS safe to move the {app} folder to another drive or location if you want to.

    I think on some systems the {} characters are non-searchable (like wildcards * etc)

    However a search of enginebenchmark.bat should defo have found it ? weird.

    Anyway Im glad you found it dude.

    Peace. Enjoy.

  • gamer

    please should i use the innounp.exe for first time i install or i use only if i have problems

  • Amr

    I got this error wwhen I use instructions by innonup each time “Reading slice J:\Games\Hitman\setup-2a.bin Error (Exception) “The source file is corrupted” at address 00485276″ any idead how can I fix it, by the way the torrent was completed successfully from torrent

  • yogeshrajput

    don;t make foolish to people crack fifa 17 cpy if you have power did,t crack fifa 16 till now

  • yay

    i puted the online fix and now the game doesn’t work thank you <3

  • Abnkamal

    oh my god it worked, thank you all so much .

  • vonco

    Many thnaks to Jelly76 for your time looking into this installation matter. really aprciated. Robbo, thanks for posting your findings. i’m now extracting using innounp. hope i’ll be playing soon ;-)
    PS; Skidrow Rocks!

  • Abnkamal

    by the way, how do i manage to make the online fix work ?
    i have downloaded Revolt V4 fix and replace the necessary files and the game didn’t work, a help here is much appreciated.

  • Benny

    How do i make the online revolt fix work?
    i copy the contents of the folder to my game folder but then it doesn”t work,the normal crack works but not the online fix.

  • Abnkamal

    1- download the online fix V4.
    2- copy the contents as usual.
    3- start Seam and log into your account.
    4- launch the game from RVTlauncher.

    but don’t bother as i think square enix has discovered this trick and they blocked it

  • Booker

    It continues to crash, after minute of gameplay it crashes, how?

  • Jelly76

    Someone at revolt is working on a new online fix that will be based around a server emulator….. stay tuned.

  • Abnkamal

    i don’t think it will come for free nor it will last long enough for us to enjoy.

  • emailx45

    dear friends

    does anybody have VOUCES LANG Spanish or Portuguese br

    or same the link to PACK LANGUAGES

    thanjs all

  • lee

    seed pls….
    download speed so…..slow….

  • badr

    i did every think but i couldnt install it, it said in the cmd screen that
    error the source file is corrupted, i dont knw wat to do,, plz help

  • SE)

    Doesnt save game

    Please help me ??

  • Abnkamal

    badr, create a folder where you want the game to be extracted, then copy the extractor and past it in that folder, then copy the CMD file and also past it in the same directory as the extractor, then start CMD as administrator and type “innounp.exe -x G:/setup.exe” but replace the G with the partition letter you are currently on, that is what i did and the have been playing the game for 3 days now.

  • badr

    yes bro thanx for ur reply , i tried that but suddenly in installing in cmd said that error the source file is corrupted, i found that setup-6e.bin is corrupted , can u upload only that file, i downloaded the game using torrent

  • MIMO G

    the game it’s good

  • adam

    when trying to save game it says “save failed”
    what to do???



  • DOME


  • DOME


  • LOLS


  • youssef

    crack not working on full unlocked version
    is there any way to get it working
    it is already updated to v1.9

  • NICK


    PLS Game: Horizon Zero Dawn ….. :-)


  • youtube Rustfansite


    PLS Game: Horizon Zero Dawn ….. :-)




    EDIT THIS FILE -> WHERE SAYS save location, put an other save location->
    eg. C:/Documents

  • Alex

    I get random crashes every 5-15 minutes. Not sure is going on. I have an 980 ti and i7 5820k, windows 10. It just says when it crashes hitman.exe has stopped working. Any way to fix this?

  • Alex

    I get random crashes every 5-15 minutes. Not sure what is going on. I have an 980 ti and i7 5820k, windows 10. It just says when it crashes hitman.exe has stopped working.

  • shubhamfx

    what is the password for archives that is present on google drive.
    i have downloaded for google drive and the Achieve is asking for password when i try to extract it..

  • Smash

    Seeeeeeeeed guys, I am not going to spend my whole life waiting for it!

  • NelsonPL– Poland

    Wszystko pięknie śmiga na ustawieniach ULTRA
    Gierka wypasiona.
    Gram nasystemie Windows 10 Pro
    Dźwięk: 5.1 DTS

  • Nio

    offline work perfect but after I install online fix I have error

    “REVOLT.nfo was either deleted or not put in directory”

    I don’t have RTluncher tho

  • Nio

    *********online fix is outdated download the V4 instead from google

  • Omer95

    Hello guys. What happening with Ghost Recon WIldlands? Can you upload that game?

  • Shubhamfx

    what is the password for archives that is present on google drive.
    i have downloaded for google drive and the Achieve is asking for password when i try to extract it..
    Help Me Guyz WAiting for your response

  • Larixi

    @Shubhamfx the password is skidrowreloadedgames.com

  • s.smith

    I open the cmd but I just keep getting the ‘innounp.exe not recognized as a command,please help !!!!!

  • s.smith

    Right,this is what I did,first I pasted the innunmp.exe into the ‘c:windows/system 32’ folder ,then after extracting the iso with winrar to my d drive I found the hitman setup file.exe,held down shift then right clicked and selected “copy as path” .This will give you the precise location of your setup exe.
    Next open cmd with admin rights and enter the first part which is innounp.exe -x plus your path name youve copied earlier ( remembering to remove the ” marks ) and dont forget the space inbetween the x and your file location.My game path was D:\cpy-h47\setup.exe so I entered ‘innounp.exe -x D:\cpy-h47\setup.exe and now it is running,hope this helps some people

  • s.smith

    Right scratch that,First you have to change the cmd “c:/system32 prompt to the drive that has the unoump exe. located.in my case d: so just type d: and press returrn or press c: and return if thats where your file is and then continue with the advice above

  • s.smith

    Finally once the game has finished installing a folder called app will appear on the same drive which is your hitman folder ,now all you have to do it copy the 2 cracks into this folder and select dx 11 or 12 in the setup screen,enjoy

  • Sagittarius

    Pirating this game is useless. Don’t waste your time and bandwidth to download 60+ Gb. The game is much dependent on an online access to Hitman servers. That is, in order to gain XP and level up (which is needed to unlock items and skills) you have to play online. Thus if you really want to enjoy this game, buy it. Otherwise this is just considered as a demo version. BTW the online fix does not work. Even if it does at some point, they will keep patching it. Hope this helps!

  • SuperGamingForFree

    Proof this games works. But is a waste of time since alot of feature are limited


  • kundende

    @ Sagittarius

    This game is a fucking scam being ripped to pieces they called it “episodes”… There´s no story to it and missions just feel like cardboard setups. I don´t know why you even need those levelups you mentioned or whatever considering AI is dumb as fuck and most targets just wander around waiting to be taken down.

    Any game I played does stealth shit much better than this – watchdogs 2, Mafia III, Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

    Please pirate this game at will – it´s just a default cash grab with no inovation to it. Any Hitman was waaaaaaaaaay better than this crap.

  • Naeema

    I suggest you guys to download fitgirl repack its way less size 19 GB and i am playing the game perfectly now , btw amazing version

  • Nikhil


  • hukot

    online fix does not work. any chance to actuate this?

  • sahilrahate

    your games are best in world.

  • the silence

    guys online not working any one help???????

  • Sagittarius


    Actually, I agree, it’s not even worth paying for. Absolution was much better than this crap. There are no exciting gaming mechanics, gameplay is boring and the only thing that might keep things interesting is the story, which pretty short. It’s more like a drama-interactive game than a stealth game lol.

  • drksnet

    Jelly76 (15 Mar 2017, 12:07)
    You can all thank me later…..

    INFO: the Game is updated to version 1.9.0 and includes all DLCs
    NOTE: if you got an error when you run the installer
    1.extract the iso with winrar
    2.download this tool here —–

    sourceforge (dot) net (slash) projects (slash) innounp (slash) ?source=typ_redirect

    3.extract the innounp.exe to your desktop
    4.run CMD as adminstrator
    5. depending of the game setup path. type this innounp.exe -x PATH/setup.exe
    e.g if you extracted the iso to D:
    innounp.exe -x D:/setup.exe
    OR wait for CPY installer fix


    Works! Thanks :)

    • aff hash

      game wont start . need help here sir .

  • unknown

    the game is too short like 7 episodes and thats it , its torture to enjoy such awesome game

  • kinodvd

    with the “online fix crack” game doesn´t start…instead if we use the crack in the ISO, the game it´s just fine.

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  • Stevo

    I can’t believe the ungrateful people complaining when they aren’t even paying to buy the full game. You fucks should fucking grow up

  • prajna

    Everything is fine but downloading the online fix is not working :) thanks in advance

  • Alessandro Ciavarella

    il mio pc è 64 bit ma non riesco ad installare il gioco xkè purtroppo è 86 bit :@

  • Eldar Torlaković

    people its cracked theres no online u dumb fucks

  • Matteo Mate

    ai dont nou hau tu instal… ,_,

  • Celso Herrera Jr.

    HI, the game error when installing, it says “Setup was unable to create the directory D:Program FIles (86)HitmanDigital Bunos ContentHITMAN-ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKMP3_16bit?320kbps” how to fix please

    • ToF

      NOTE : For those who have problem with installation of this game: Use Inno Unpacker, installer had problem with one or more files.

      Example: Place innounp.exe on the desktop/drive, open CMD, cd to
      Desktop/drive then “innounp.exe -x G:/setup.exe” or whatever drive your
      Virtual DVD is.

      ***Game will be installed in a folder where’s innounp.exe***

      • Celso Herrera Jr.


    • Ramesh Dagger
      • Celso Herrera Jr.

        thanks man