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In FIFA 16 Create more moments of magic than ever before with FIFA 16. Make every match memorable with increased control in Midfield, improved defensive moves, more stars.


Create more moments of magic than ever before with FIFA 16. Make every match memorable with increased control in Midfield, improved defensive moves, more stars, and a new way to play. Build your dream team in FIFA Ultimate Team, or compete as one of 12 Women’s National Teams for the first time ever in the FIFA franchise, including Germany, USA, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, and more. FIFA 16 innovates across the entire pitch, delivering a lifelike and authentic football experience.

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How To Install :
- Install Origin and login.
- Download FIFA 16 DEMO from Origin Or use iso below to install.
- Copy all contents from FULL UNLOCKED version to DEMO dictionary.
  IMP : Do Not Oerwrite when asked.
- Delete the existing "data" and "dlc" folder in dictionary
  C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 16 DEMO\
- Copy again "data" and "dlc" folder from FULL UNLOCKED version to
  C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 16 DEMO\
- Delete "dlc_powdll" folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 16 DEMO\dlc\
- Download FIXED_DATA.rar use link below.
- Extract and move "data" folder from archive to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 16 DEMO\
- Launch the game from origin or desktop shortcut.
- Make sure to block game exe in firewall. Always keep origin in offline mode.






Name : FIFA 16
Genre: Soprts
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Canada

Release Name : FIFA 16 Cracked READNFO
Size : 13 GB


2GB Parts links are interchangable.





























Minimum Specifications
OS: Windows 7/8/8.1 – 64-Bit
CPU: Intel Core i3-2100 @ 3.1GHz (or AMD Phenom 7950 Quad-Core, AMD Athlon II X4 620 equivalent)
Hard Drive Space Required: 15.0 GB
Minimum Supported Video Cards: ATI Radeon HD 5770, NVIDIA GTX 650
DirectX: 11.0
Single System Multiplayer: 2-4 players + 1 keyboard on a PC
Input: Keyboard, Mouse, Dual Analogue gamepad, VOIP Headset

Recommended Specifications
OS: Windows 8/8.1/10 – 64-Bit
CPU: Intel i5-2550K @ 3.40GHz (or AMD FX-6350 Six-Core equivalent)
Hard Drive Space Required: 15.0 GB
Minimum Supported Video Cards: ATI Radeon HD 6870, NVIDIA GTX 460
DirectX: 11.0
Single System Multiplayer: 2-4 players + 1 keyboard on a PC
Input: Keyboard, Mouse, Dual Analogue gamepad, VOIP Headset



Installation :
- Install Origin and login.
- Download FIFA 16 DEMO from Origin Or use iso below to install DEMO.
- Copy all contents from FULL UNLOCKED version to DEMO dictionary. IMP : Do Not Oerwrite when asked.
- Delete the existing "data" and "dlc" folder in dictionary C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 16 DEMO\
- Copy again "data" and "dlc" folder from FULL UNLOCKED version to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 16 DEMO\
- Delete "dlc_powdll" folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 16 DEMO\dlc\
- Download REG_DAT.rar use link below.
- Extract and move "data" folder from archive to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 16 DEMO\
- Launch the game from origin or desktop shortcut.
- Make sure to block game exe in firewall. Always keep origin in offline mode.

Posted by SKIDROW

    Playing with fire if you have an origin account.

  • Letrix

    Isn’t a Crack

  • Xorren77

    Nah not really, just put offline mode and you won’t “play with fire”

  • Tiho

    The game works, tnx!

  • bully81

    The game is only english!!!I want Italian…

  • Dinamo

    что вы не можете в нормальны ссылки дать Скачаeть там бле 10 часов!

  • PauLarsN

    Thank you, it works perfectly in french.

    To solve resolutions problems, edit the file “fifasetup_default.ini” located in the folder C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Origin Games \ FIFA 16 DEMO \ fifasetup and replace Resolutionwildth Resolutionheight values with your native resolution (for exemple: 1920×1080).

  • swifty

    keeps asking em to activate the game ive done everything right but carnt get it to work please help

  • RoSs

    Salut comment fais tu pour l’avoir en francais ?
    texte et voix ou seulement texte?

    how do you make , to have it in french?
    voice and text or just text?
    Thank you

  • crackman

    hello my game not go ahead right after selecting the custom settings but the songs go why?

  • PauLarsN

    Pour les textes, il suffit de sélectionner sa langue dans le launcher au démarrage du jeu.
    Sinon pour les voix, il faut télécharger et installer le Patch Fr
    Voilà! Bon jeu à toi.

  • alcorus


    J’ai bien installé le patch, mais j’ai toujours pas de commentaire durant le jeu en français, j’ai beau sélectionner la langue française, j’ai pas de commentaire durant le jeu, par contre lorsque je le met en anglais là j’ai tous les commentaires. bizarre.

  • Cyprien

    Cette manipulation permet-elle de jouer au jeu complet ou c’est juste la démo en un peu plus avancée ?

  • RoSs

    Ce que j’ai fais le 1er jour mais pareil que alcorus pas de voix ! A moins qu’il y ai plusieurs trad ?
    @Cyprien le jeux complet sans le online biensure

  • PauLarsN

    Dsl, j’ai parlé un peu trop vite et sans connaissance de cause pour ce qui est du Patch Fr.
    Préférant jouer avec les commentaires anglais, je ne l’ai pas installé et pensais tout bêtement que ça aurait fonctionner avec celui de traductionjeux mais apparemment non!
    Peut-être des lignes ou des fichiers manquants dans la version Full Unlocked?

  • piter050479

    @RoSs przekopiuj wszystkie pliki data audio z wersji full do demo

  • piter050479

    @RoSs Copiez tous les fichiers datent version audio de la démo complète

  • crackman

    hello my game not go ahead right after selecting the custom settings but the songs go why??

  • Bargo

    Je peux pas jouer en mode carrière personellement ça me bloque avec une interface vide ainsi que la musique ..
    I have a problem i can’t play in mod Manager , it block me with a interface and music

  • Tupac Amaru Shakur

    how to installer moddingway !!!

  • Jacopo

    My game starts but after the controls selection the main menu doesn’t show up… i’ve already checked the resolution… the background is there and so is the music…

  • josef

    jacopo i have the same probleme did you solved it

  • viniov

    Hey guys, I have a problem, cause when I launch a game, its says, that I’ll need to activate… Somebody fixed it?

  • Jacopo

    no joseph…

  • Cyprien

    How to get french commantator ?

  • asha

    Salut je n’arrive pas a faire fonctionner le jeu, quand je le lance il me demande de l’activé sur Origin… Quelqun peut me dire comment faire?

  • asha

    j’ai finalement réussi a lancer le jeu, mais une fois que je lance carrière ou coupe le jeu plante… les matchs amicaux fonctionnent mais a la place du décors j’ai un fond noir ou gris, en somme j’ai que l’affichage du terrain…

  • Shadex

    This method no longer works from what people are saying, i did everything correctly i even watched the video to double check but the game still comes up with the activation screen on Origin.

  • Evgeny

    in after download origin FIFA 16 demo first once run it connected with the Internet, and then copy, etc

  • abc

    commantator speak not work ????

  • Ikr

    Full Game works on win7 64 but I’ve got many bugs:
    -Commentators do not speak during international matches.
    -Sometimes some players have no heads or wear a wrestler mask :)

  • gaetano

    yes, download demo version language

  • swifty

    yes after demo download first run let it activate online the copy … all working now runs with no prob on windows 10

  • Abulfazl010

    I cant play online? It says that the I cant connect to the ea servers??. Can anyone help me?

  • Dan

    hi guys ! I have a problem : the game works for me , but it requires origin in online mode….how can i play it offline ?? thank you

  • Dave


  • Dave

    Hi guys,
    first of all, thanks for the game, it works perfectly :D

    then, for who want to change the commentary language:
    if u have alredy downloaded the language pack, pasted into the game directory and changed the voices in the registry,
    you have to COPY and OVERWRITE the audio files (that are 12, all files from to data_audio3_extra.big) from the full unlocked version to the demo directory. If u don’t do this step, when u try to change the language in the game, the commentary will be mute.

  • Dave

    Eventually, if u still have problems, not only about the language, find the video called
    “Fifa 16 Demo to Full All Possible Fix” on youtube, it helped me (it seems that i cannot post the link).

  • rd

    Jacopo and josef, did you find the solution?? I have the same issue. The main menu doesn’t show up

  • Dave

    rd, Jacopo and josef, in the video that i posted i found this solution for your problem, try it:
    Delete data_patch.big and in your FIFA 16 Demo

  • rd

    Thanks a lot Dave. That worked. Game running smoothly now

  • Carmelo

    game crash on carreer start

  • bibsh

    you can play online??

  • daniel

    when i try to play,there’s note “FIFA 16 cannot run as your document folder is set to read only,Disable this setting in order to play the game”

    how to fixed ?please

  • BarGo

    FIFA 16 has stopped working … it works fun yesterday but now when i start the game in Loading interface , the game is closed with error message

  • ice

    DONE !!! THANKS !!! RUN THE GAME !!!
    DOOM DEMO, UND FAR CRY DEMO create full UNLOCKED version ?

  • isco23233232

    It all works but, I can´t play career mode. How can I fix it?

  • Leb

    Where can i get the “full unlocked” folder?

  • alcorus

    Dave thank you for your help on comments during the game ! It’s work fine now !

    I still have a little problem when I played with the PSG team , one player has no head !

  • AdOq

    It works without any problems! Thank you!

  • Junky75

    I’ve done all the steps and when I open the game, it’s loading and then suddenly disappear/ crash, solutions there ?

  • Pietro

    The game is ok, but career mode crash…. solution?

  • Tony

    I can’t start game , already follow step , but it doesn’t work for me. The game just background stadium and music ,help me please .win 8

  • watson

    hi i did every thing as the video say but when i hit play origin ask me to activate the game plz help me
    ( i already put orgin off line and blocked .exe file in firewall please help thnx a lot

  • dinho

    Even after changing the fifasetup_default.ini file the resolution remains low.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • lameao

    Salut à vous mon jeu ne démarre même pas, je double clique sur Démo de Fifa 16 mais cela ne marche pas rien n’apparaît et sur origin cela fait tout crasher Aidez moi SVP

  • DIzZ

    DislpayName field missing from registry Help me …..

  • djdjh

    game starts but then there is an error of game not working

  • makarand

    when will the crack only arrive ?
    for FIFA and homefront 2

  • Alex Rains

    Why do not Russian commentators? And how to include them? Help me please

  • enad

    players are showing in black color only

  • drew

    when i start the game…Activation required pops pls

  • adouma

    salut asha.
    j ai le meme probleme ( origin me demande mon code que toi) .. comment t as fait?


    Hi from Germany!

    I downloaded FIFA 16 “Super-Deluxe-Edition-Full-Unlocked” – VERSION and did everything same like in the video. Just in german language.

    But when I start game, this appears:

    “EA Sports FIFA 16 Demo funktioniert nicht mehr”

    “Das Programm wird aufgrund eines Problems nicht richtig ausgeführt. Das Programm wird geschlossen und Sie werden benachrichtigt, wenn eine Lösung verfügbar ist.”

    I try in english:

    “EA Sports FIFA 16 Demo doesnt work anymorer”

    “The program does not run correctly because of a problem . The program will be closed and you will be notified when a solution is available.”

    (..english translator..)

    Does anyone have/had the same problem? Help me please. Thx.

    Windows 10 – 64GB // GTX 750 TI // Intel i3-4370 3,8 GHz // 8 GB Ram

  • Dhruv

    BLOKKI even i am getting the same error….

    someone please help how to solve this problem..


    Hi @Dhruv

    I think I found the problem: D:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 16 DEMO\data\LOCAL.BIG


    If you open the game in Window – you see up left “fifa 16 DEMO” – what is wrong. Cause then it works like demo (or not.. if not reinstall, turn off antivir).

    If you delete locale.big it works like game, then its just called “fifa 16 ” with the problem.

    So I think, we need the dlc/data from this video. Or this local.big in an other way, maybe modified..?


    If you see in the video:
    When he copy from UNLOCKED to DEMO – it takes much more time then by me. It isnt the same like in the SUPERDELUXE version here!!

    And if you stop video (2:40) you see also a —> local.big LOCAL.BIG <————- (or better whole data/dlc) from Video.
    I tried local.big from Fifa 14 – didnt works…

    COULD SOMEONE PLEASE UPLOAD: data/dlc or local.big


  • Dhruv

    Hi Blokki,

    if you find some solution please let me know..


    Dhruv do you have THIS version (Fifa.16.Cracked.Readinfo // FULL UNLOCKED) or the Super Deluxe?

    I have Super Deluxe. For me, I think it could work if i had the other one. But all links are down and I can’t find it on other places…

    Otherwise I think I have to give up… :(

    CAN SOMEONE UPLOAD “Fifa.16.Cracked.Readinfo” (FULL UNLOCKED) used in the YT-Video?

  • Dhruv

    Blokki even i have super deluxe :(

  • Blokki


  • Blokki

    i have it but i cant post ?!


    its not possible to post my solution..?!? i tried 10 times… stupid page


    But 2 problems:

    1) the German Language pack is not working (I load it, put it in Demo file – i can change language to german – but there is no commentator in game ..?! i think i heard sometimes a german stadion speaker but no commentator….?!?!!?…..)
    in “regedit” everything is named like it have to be….

    2) the controller
    i have an xbox (first xbox) controller and it worked fine for Fifa 14. i replaced “buttondata” in documents for demo and deluxe version. nothing happened. i also load Fifa 12, made a new buttondata, replaced again – same.
    I used xpadder, even not helped.
    It stays always same. x is a, click on left analog stick is escape and everything is shit changed…

    It would be nice, if someone know to KILL 1 or 2 or both of the fucking problems…


    Everthings works just the fucking controller not !!! i cant play ;(

    i replaced buttundatasetup in documents and changed buttundata in game ordner – still is same shit…

  • Alex Rains


    Hi, man.
    Download this archive http : / / dropmefiles . com/ iMJQM . Unzip Fifapadconfig, after customize controls of gamepad in this application, after find buttondata.ini in My Documents/FIFA 12/ folder, after copy and paste this file in My Documents/FIFA 16/ folder and play :)

    And yet, the password of archive – 123

  • CrispX

    We need a proper crack and 3dm is just passing away to much.

  • sdad

    We need a proper crack and 3dm is just passing away to much.


    Thanks @Alex Rains

    it doesn’t helped me, because that was exactly what I did before. But i tried what you wrote and I found an other point:

    – when i opend FIFA 16 “the normal way” it lags extrem -> but the controller settings ARE RIGHT ?!

    Before I always used Admin Rights – so the game don’t lag it’s copletly unlaggy at highest -> but the controller is always the same, not to change and the buttondata.ini doesnt load…

    ….. How can I get this 2 things together? …..
    Opening with admin rights + that it wil load buttondata ..?

  • Gandalf

    does it work?

  • Crimson

    Does it work with windows 10 please



    my problem is:

    if i use ADMIN RIGHTS -> it possible to play on highest video —> PROBLEM: buttondatasetup.ini in documents dont load. So the Controller Settings are wrong and not to change!!

    if i DONT use ADMIN RIGHTS -> the controller works, buttundatasetup.ini get loaded —> PROBLEM: it lags so extrem that the picture almost freeze – not to play

    Someone any Idea, how i get both,

    a) admin right + buttondata get loaded?


    b) no admin right + it doesnt lag that extrem

  • Alex Rains

    try to disable UAC in the control panel

  • Patrick J

    It works perfectly !!!…. seriously i couldn’t believe ….i tried womens and normal team matches…everything wrks perfectly…..just make sure you first start the demo once before replacing the files….And thanks to Skidrow for posting this trick and cheers to free game!!!!

  • TheBoss

    Hi I have only one problem. When I start the game and I want to choose my favourite team at support club screen after I did it I can’t go further, everything is inactive and can not accept . Any idea? Thanks.
    Graphic and the others would be great. I used the super deluxe version, but I think it’s the same

  • Steve

    Some Players head won’t show and some faces. Some Numbers on kits don’t show also.

  • • O T A K A T O N •


  • mario gomez cha cha

    am i supposed to download fifa 16 demo with origin?

  • Ammar

    where is the full unlocked folder???????????????????

  • mohamed

    Where The Crack .Does it in the torrent file?
    please answer quickly.

  • Adamastor

    Pls Only Crack !

  • Kamal

    The Game has not changed ,it shows only demo..
    What can i do?



  • kass

    Okay, since i have been fighting with this game for a few hours, heres a dummy instruction that worked for me: firstly, since its a problem here, the fifa full unlocked IS ANY FIFA 16 GAME, which you can download from the internet. secondly, use the demo downloaded from origin, access game via origin (you will need an origin user to unlock the demo and use the bloody thing) as in the video and do everything exactly like in the video. replace what needs to be replaced and thats it. the main problem for me was the demo which requiered game key in the beginning but you can avoid it when using origin.

  • Joe

    How do I download it. Which link works?

  • mohamed

    guys i dont understand how to do any of these coz i am lost

  • The Gamer

    Hello fellow gamers, follow the instructions and the game will work without problem, just a question for those who played it already. I wanted to play with a friend and before buying an other controller to play on PC, can you play 1v1 with the cracked game? The pc accept both controllers?

  • CGUltimateno

    Hello I followed Every Exact Step you guys told me in the instructions, although the FULL UNLOCKED folder was just a setup but after doing the steps it told me to validate my game and i launched the game in offline mode in origin

  • S2N3R

    links are broken!

  • landry

    di maria have not the head

  • Po6epm

    Thanks,it works.Serbian language included… :-)

  • John

    I’ve done exactly and thanks to you the game is working. But I have a question: Can I play online games/competitions now? Because it is a crack I’m still confused that can I click that option or not? Please help me

  • Adili

    Hey guys I did everything as instructed but it still telling me to activate what should I do?

  • kimo

    hi … its ask me for activation code ,how can i fix this problem ,thanks

  • amon

    hey guys the game work perfect just fine if u crack it well. most of people the trick of the game when you installing the ISO fifa 16 demo on location of the game.. please select origin games because when you resuming the donwload on origin it should locate the game that you already installed.. so it will just saying installing that will update the files automatically but if u watching the video so carefully you will see what am talking about.


    how to develop a crack we want to try for u for denuvo market down

  • lala rajput

    career mode and tournament mode not working
    u can only play kickoff
    please resolve this issue

  • arman

    fuck fifa16 ,
    dont waste time on cracking fifa 16 , spend it on fifa 17

  • damola

    Please is there a player update for this game with all the latest transfers

  • mohsin shshab

    it launch but immediately after launch, a message appears saying A PROGRAM HAS CAUSED STOPPED WORKING THIS APPLICATION……………………., plz tell me any solution

  • Anonymous

    why so much complicated?




    it launch but immediately after launch, a message appears saying A PROGRAM HAS CAUSED STOPPED WORKING THIS APPLICATION……………………., plz tell me any solution


  • Carsol

    Hi guys,
    I downloaded many times the folder with FIFA 16 full unlocked on your site, but when I open this folder, appears me only .bin files!
    How can I do? Where I can find the right download?

  • MAX

    guys i need the game where can i download it


    None of the above links are working
    please fix

  • amon

    lol i wonder why most of you guys struggle to crack the game because it so easy and simple if u follow steps on a video correct.. if the vidoe had a voice instruction most of you wouldn’t have a problem the game works super 100% even people that i gave the game to when dy saw the video they manage to crack it

  • naneeth

    thanks dave you have done a great work

  • ayoub


  • lukasz

    I have question.
    When i install orignal demo and start game, so game looks great (high resolution etc).
    But after instrukction and replace files there is a big problem.
    The game always start in very very bad quality!It is look like fifa 2007 .
    I change settings and i set full hd and still look very bad quality.

  • krishanu banerjee

    i have downloaded fifa 16 from ur website…when i am installing the game, i am not unable to play it..i have the origin account but still i am helpless..please please help me guys………

  • ManxXxL

    It`s work for me. Thank you guys. You’ve done a great job.

  • Coco

    Do not waist your time, it does not work. EA will ask your email for activation

  • nono

    what is a seria key origin ?!

  • alaka

    awsome,work 100%

  • Fennapp

    Didn’t work with the new version of origin ='(

  • abcxyz

    whoever says it will not work are assoles. I am playing it for the past 3 months

  • abcxyz

    If you guys don’t know how do follow the instructions and set the game up are unfit to play this game

  • lol

    lol.. expired

  • Alex

    I need FIXED_DATA.rar !!

  • Hunter

    It worked for me on Fifa 16. But does this work for Fifa 17 too ??

  • Ahmad

    Does this method still working ????

  • reza

    fix the rar, is expired!!!

  • Arbi

    Link for fifa 16 cracked is expired

  • Fifa gamer

    Works perfectly for me.

  • abdulbakar

    what for me i need fifa 16 plaer please

  • chan

    how will i do direct DL to utorrent?

  • Pritesh

    One month ago i installed game as per step of installation and its work. But two days ago i unistalled it for some reason. Yesterday i repeat the steps but when i start the game it shows some error.

    “We are unable to connect to EA servers to activate FIFA 16 Demo on this computer using your account. Please try again later.”

    I changed the account of EA sport but it shows same error.

    help me please…..

  • Karma

    100% working…thanks a lot

  • bunty

    can anybody provide me a link for origin..?? plz XD

  • mat

    Why can i download file FIFA 16 Cracked READNFO in reality i download FIFA 16 SUPER DELUXE EDITION? And i can instal that is in video on youtube shows. can anybody help me ?

  • david

    please make it better graphics.

  • david

    i want better graphics

  • Parpat

    Fifa 16 LAUNCHER has stopped working , any help please ?

  • Diaa El Din Mohamed

    Hey guys, after downloading the game, what should I do to make it work???

  • Azeez

    can u send the FIFA 16 Super Deluxe Edition- crack file link, i download the some crack file, they ask fucking password! :( so i want the working crack file, pls anybody know the link, pls send it to the mail id. tnks :)

  • Craig

    Hi Guys. I literally have no idea what I’m doing. All I get when downloading the full version are 7 .bin files. How to I obtain the contents within these? Or am I missing something? Thanks in advance!

  • Matee01

    Thank you very much it’s working.

    Offline mode:

    Open the origin.
    Click origin menu and go to Offline mode its’ working.

  • Sahil

    These links don’t open. Please help. :)

  • Ragnar

    hi please i need help! i installed the game and when i symply mode it works very well but when i try to play any match in career mode the game chashes and stop working! help me plz

  • juan


  • Shareware

    Nice to visit this site i find here a great content,

  • Free FIFA 16 Coins
  • notimortant

    How can i install the origin ? Why did you don t give us a link to install the origin ??

  • sarik

    all the links are dead .


    thanx, it works…………..

  • Nisthul

    i downloaded all the winrar files
    when i open it they are asking PASSWORD TO EXTRACT THE FILE



  • eduardo

    gostei do jogo parabens

  • stephane

    Fix 0xc000007b Error ??? help please

  • stephane

    0xc000007b Error ??? help please

  • Ksenio

    any hope to wait for the crack??

  • Ksenio

    a chances de sair o crack????

  • Madi

    keep asking to activate , i followed step by step twice and keep asking to activate , any one can help me pleaz

  • Francis

    If it’s still asking you to activate, do the following
    1. Open Origin with internet connection
    2. Login with your credentials and go online in Origin
    3. Open the came through origin while online in Origin, it will activate it automatically
    4. When this is done, you can then put origin in offline mode so that you can open it anytime you want to without internet connection

  • Ashwin

    I have downloaded the demo.iso file. how after installing it, how i will add it to origin games

  • Ashwin

    plz reply soon

  • yashwant

    i m facing antialising problem
    i have tried every setting in nvidia control pannel still no improvement.
    help me

  • glckswlt

    doesnt work…

  • asaf

    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!
    . its working porfect
    get a big like

  • john

    The game doesnt appear in my origin library. What should i do?

  • john

    how do i add the demo to origin games? pls reply asap

  • Popo

    Thanks works like a charm…..only problem is when I send a player on loan he does not come back….always have to recall him before 29th of june….I actually lost 4 players when the 1st season completed and on the second season they appear on the transfer market…sad part is they wont come back to the same club!!!

  • Jayjay

    How do I play fifa 16 if an origin has taken a demo version of the game?

  • ASDF

    2017 and still waiting for crack..



  • nyasha lee

    guys can i ha ve the licence key

  • Neshi

    Is it work?


    Hey guys. Can’t open the DEMO, Origin wants me to activate it! Solution?
    Thanks, love your work!

  • Joe

    the fifa 16 demo is deleted on origin, how can i download fifa 16 demo ?

  • jorge

    i have installed the game but anytime i try launching it origin pops up asking me to activate the game. i need help please

  • bert

    Origin doesn’t have fifa16demo anymore…..:((((( if u find it do a youtube video and put it here plz :))

  • waleed

    what the password of crack rar !!!!!

  • Gentee

    Demo no longer on origin…. solution please

  • Ksenio

    Oring not instaling. Solutions please

  • Ernesto

    Origin nao esta instalando. Alguma solucao??

  • gg

    i have an i3 processor. can i run fifa 16 with it? bcoz bfore i run fifa 15 with 3dm crack and it requires origin also and bang wont work in my i3 pc.. :D

  • Cdryc

    Warning, all links are dead :/

  • notimportant

    FIFA 16 Cracked READNFO
    Installation :
    – Install Origin and login.

    Install from where ? How ? How do i install origin ? From where ? Where is the link to install it ?

  • nothinHERE

    Where can I find folder FULL UNLOCKED? In your downloads there are nothing like that

  • mohammed elsadig

    i need it

  • Christian Coby

    DONE all of that origin doesnt have the fifa 16 demo anymore but you can still find it anyway did all the instalation steps and nothing hapened it requiares a activation key even in offline mode :/

    • Fred Fredricks Fredrickson

      Have u found another way yet

  • Scarecrow

    @Christian Coby: I had the same issue regarding activation key. Don’t just start put a fifa 16 demo folder in your pc, apply crack and run fifa16_demo.exe, it will always ask for activation key. First install fifa 16 demo properly from origin, then run the demo version once, then apply the crack as instructed (follow every instruction to the point). It will work. I just installed it in a friend’s pc 3 days ago.

  • naber

    There is no demo in origin. You cannot install fifa 16 from origin anymore.

  • David

    Regards!!! I downloaded the FIFA 16 Demo installer but I could not play because the game is no longer in the Origin library. I would like to be helped, thank you. I did not want to contact with AE support, to avoid being blocked by my account.

  • yogeshrajput

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  • j.j

    se podria usar el mismo metodo para fia 17 ?

  • ashu

    guyz i am facing a problem ever after doing all the things correctly..when i am opening the game it is getting crashed and saying stopped working..what shld i do?plz reply asap

  • youssefbaddou

    Does it work on windows 7 ?

  • youssefbaddou

    ashu Same problem ……….

  • milton

    fifa16 demo is not available in origin library

  • علي

    انا لم اجد لعبة الفيفا الديمو16 في برنامج الاورجن ولذالك لا تعمل

  • Razwin

    I followed all the steps perfectly. But i face an error like… ‘fifa 16 has stopped working’ and the game also not opening in fullscreen. When i try to make settings in configuration, it doesn’t allows me to select fullscreen
    Somebody plz help me… Plz plz plz

  • Tarun

    plzzz upload torent file to download demo version of this game…chrome always stops the download in between if connection speed lowers or decreases

  • John

    Game stuck on loading screen plz help



  • Luis

    plzzz upload torent file to download demo version of this game…chrome always stops the download in between if connection speed lowers or decreases

  • Karama

    I did exactly what you said though I didn’t get fifa 16 in origin (My games) tab. When I tried to launch the demo.exe it opens the origin main window!

    What can I do?
    Any suggestions?

  • rashmika

    how you guys playing without the crack?

  • hillz

    hi, please I’m trying to install my super deluxe edition but its giving me “unarc.dll returned error code-12” , data_audio3_extra.big. please help me out

  • Carry

    Where is the full game?

  • Hyper

    Worked, but i mostly have problem “Online login currently unavailable” how to fix it and what if i update origin? Will it ruin the crack or my fifa 16 user data?

  • Sebakiller

    Sound Comments Work ! Komentarz działa !


    If you can’t find fifa16 demo in origin it’s very simple to get it all you have to do is find some one who already downloaded and saved the game in his/her origin library… I installed the game on a friends PC with my account so all hope isn’t lost

    • Abdulkadir Manya Tafida

      please i need your help with your origin account details in order for me to be able to install fifa 16 demo, have been longing to play this game right from since the starting of this year but no hope coz it has been removed from origin… plz plz plz… really need it, here is my mail… [email protected]…. plz will be waiting for the account details, cant wait to play fifa 16… thanks much ….

  • Aditya

    all the links have been deleted or banned…..what i shoul do

  • Aqib Arshad

    Plz upload fifa16 crack

  • Warner Almeida

    I can’t find the fifa 16 Full unlocked folder (crack ) in the links. Can you or someone please upload a new link to the crack?

  • niko

    Me pide código de registro no puedo jugar ;;(


    please i want crack fifa 16

  • KIng GAmer

    what is fifa 16 demo activation code